• Having done graffiti for a number of years in cities like Toronto, Berlin, Cologne, and Minneapolis- the lust for colors & letters died down when Cornelis van Almsick started his architectural studies. “Fine-Layered Arrangement” is about the repair of the colorful towards a monochrome wall painting, unintentionally and anonymous, yet stunningly beautiful. It is the crucial gap between the cover with the writer’s letterwork and a total renewal of the wall’s coating when urban masterpieces like these are created.
  • C-Prints of the pictures seen are available, please ask for details!
  • about the author: Cornelis van Almsick studied architecture with Zaha M. Hadid, Finn Geipel, Riken Yamamoto and Regine Leibinger. To broaden his horizon beyond architecture he studied a semester of product design with Borek Šípek, as well as sculpture and multimedia with Erwin Wurm. He worked as an architect in China, Germany, Austria, France and the US, to -for now- settle down in Vienna, Austria. ⇾ cvalmsick.com
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